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What's the most sage advice for novices in designer fashion? Well, stick to the classics. And there's enough reason - classics are time-examined, they're costly today but much more costly later on, the look matches almost to the occasions.

Now, the Classic Celine Box Bag is undeniable probably the most classic bag ever been around because it features a lengthy history. Though today's version is up-to-date by Phoebe Philo when she was hired because the creative director in 2008, however the original elements remain - such as the metal buckle around the front that help remind us of 1970's bags.

Everybody loves the Elegant Celine Phantom Bag, but to split up yours in the relaxation, grab one that's created using exotic leather. We've selected three pieces Body in python, one out of galuchat and something in Lizard. So which is the favorite style? Celine Classic Box Bag in Lizard is listed around €4800 euro, the Galuchat is listed around €4200 euro, Python is listed around €4000 euro.Simple, stylish, the legendary Trapeze bag is among Celine's most widely used bags up to now. You'll find them within the arms of numerous blog writers, celebs, and fashionistas. Old or new, the Celine box bag has turned into a style statement.

How made it happen all start? Celine began in 1954 by Vipiana Celine and her husband Robert, plus they began like a made-to-measure children's shoe business in Paris. In 2008, Poebe Philo required within the creative reigns of Celine and formed the company into probably the most coveted labels today. Philo continues to be credited with initiating the awesome minimalism trend. With Celine, less is definitely more.Very rare and difficult to find, the vintage Celine Cabas Bag has bags of character. The legendary golden horse carriage buckle is the reason why the bag stand out. We believe it's practical, spacious and extremely stylish. The brand new Celine box bag costs £2300 however the vintage version can be obtained for around £500. Can you rather splurge or save? We believe vintage has more character so we love the horse carriage buckle.